Sunday, July 11, 2010

Count the Cost

I love this song by Cory Asbury; listen to it after the reading the lyrics at the bottom.  It may not be your style of music, but the message is solid:

I peal my hands away from earthly things.
I got to turn away my eyes
From all these worthless things.
I lay down honor and fame.
I’m sick of building my own name.
Know that everything I do
Is for Your glory and for Your fame.
Don’t want to be building castles out of sand
Cause I know they won’t stand
In the wake of the judgment
That will come from your hand.
What would raise self will be burned away
Cause our flesh is fading fast.
Only your Word remains.

I say “goodbye” to my father, my mother.
I cling to You and You alone.
I have no other.
There’s one thing I do.
I leave it all behind
Cause you said if I search
Then it’s you that I would find.
I fight the fight of faith.
I run the race.
Just give me grace to seek your face
Until the day I die.
I’ll be living my life,
So the day you return I’ll attain the prize.

I count the cost.
I count it all as lost
For the sake of knowing you,
So until that day
When I see you face to face,
I’ll be taking up my cross.
I lay it all down
That I would be found
A pleasing sacrifice.
Cause I’m living for another day.
I’m living for another age.
Your kingdom come on Earth.

One day, He’s going to split the sky.
And one day, He’s going to come for His bride.


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