Sunday, August 22, 2010

Even Close

Even Close

You know, I've got a lot to say and a little time to say it in
'Cause everybody thinks you've got a 3-minute attention span.
Been up all night, trying to condense the story
From pre-time-existent splendor to post-revelation glory.
See the earth's creation ain't the prologue to this drama
Long before Mohammad, Krishna, Buddha, Baba, Dalai Lama
Was three Persons in a Trinity content to be
Basking in the Love of One Another, reveling in Unity
He never had a need, but He longed to have a Bride,
A perfectly-yoked partner, someone He could fully let inside

There were two trees in the garden, and without slightest correlation
We chose good and evil over Life; that was our perpetration.
And those who think the Lord was startled by our situation
Must recall the Lamb was slain before the earth had its foundation.
He didn't trip at that gross miscalculation.
The beat goes on without syncopation.
For thousands of years He pointed to the One a 'comin.
And when the time came, overjoyed He came a 'runnin for you.
He hit the ground runnin for you.

When He came here, and He gave Himself away.
The people liked Him at first, but they changed when they began
To understand the things that He would say.
He said, "Your life's not good enough, is it?
Why now take a chance and just lay it down?
You know I want to come for more than a visit.
The plan has always been for me to stick around... around in you,
To Make my life abound in you"

He did more than just conceded.
No, He pleaded and pleaded
To take the things that I did, they did, he did, she did, and we did,
And how we needed Him to save us from the terrors of hell.
It was freedom that He gave us from the jail-cell called self-consciousness.
Common sense tells you wear your confidence in Providence.
You want to stake your claim in that domain
Of the One who came to claim your blame and shame
And to remain in the Slain, Who overcame pain
And to proclaim the fame of Jesus' name,

And I wonder, "Who could have loved me
Even Close to how You do
No greater love has this,
Than a man would lay down his life for his friend
And take what he's due."
And I wonder, "How can I show You, all the gratitude inside?
Maybe just to care to prepare the fair one
To make herself ready to be Your Bride.

Maybe just to care to prepare the fair one
To make herself ready to be Your Bride

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