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The Genealogy of Christ (Matthew)

Oh man, those genealogies in the Bible are rough going. So and so begat so and so, who begat so and so, on and on. How many times have we skipped over them. Sure we recognize their importance in tracking the lineage of the tribes of Israel, and in the New Testament in showing that Jesus had a rightful claim to the throne of Israel, but that doesn't make it any more interesting.

A while back, I got interested in what the names mean, and I heard that the lineage of Adam to Noah actually gives a little prophecy about Christ:

"Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the Blessed of God will come down teaching that his death shall bring the despairing rest and comfort."

Adam = Man
Seth = Appointed
Enos = Mortal
Cainan = Sorrow
Maleleel = The Blessed of God
Jared = To Come Down
Enoch = Teaching
Methuselah = His Death Shall Bring
Lamech = Despair
Noah = Rest and Comfort
I thought, wow that's pretty neat, I wonder if that continues for the rest of the genealogy. This is what I came up with after studying it out. I've had to add in some verbs and prepositional phrases, but that's mostly translational.
Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the Blessed of God will come down teaching that his death shall bring the despairing rest and comfort. He will be a renowned healer, possessing a mission that joins division. God’s shepherd will twine the branches, through the exhalation of His spirit. The father of a great multitude laughs; he prevails with God through the praise of the Lord breaching divisions. Rise up; my people is liberated by a helper that rewards a servant with strength, a gift well-beloved who pays the price to enlarge the people. The father of the lord is the physician. The Lord is judge elevated with strength from God. He is the perfection, the faithfulness, the fire, and the stability of God. He was asked of God to break up confusion. He is the father of praise, the resurrection of God. In court, He is just in His preparation, His vengeance, and His confirmation. God is His praise. In the courts of God, His gift undermines wrath and increases salvation.

Jesus = Salvation
Joseph = increase, addition
Jacob = undermines, supplants, the heel
Matthan = Gifts, rain
Eleazar = help of God, court of God
Eliud = God is my praise
Achim = preparing, revenging, confirming
Sadoc = just
Azor = A helper, a court
Eliakim = resurrection of God
Abuid = father of praise
Zorobabel = break up confusion
Shealtiel = asked or lent of God
Jechoniah stability of the Lord
Josiah = the fire of the Lord
Amon = faithful
Joatham = the perfection of the Lord
Ozias = strength from the Lord
Joram = elevated
Jehoshaphat = The Lord is judge
Asa = physician cure
Abia = father of the lord
Roboam = enlarges the people
Solomon = peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses
David = well-beloved
Jesse = a gift
Obed = in strength
Boaz = a servant
Salmon = he that rewards
Naasson = a helper
Aminadab = my people is liberated
Aram = Rise up
Esrom = divisions
Phares = to breach
Judah = the praise of the Lord
Jacob = (changed to Israel) one who prevails with God
Isaac = Laughter
Abram = (changed to Abraham) father of a great multitude
Terah = dove or spirit
Nahor = exhale
Serug = twining branch
Reu = his shepherd
Phalec = division
Heber = joins
Sala = A mission
Cainan = To Possess
Arphaxad = Healer
Shem = Renown
Noah = Rest and Comfort
Lamech = Despair
Methuselah = His Death Shall Bring
Enoch = Teaching
Jared = To Come Down
Maleleel = The Blessed of God
Cainan = Sorrow
Enos = Mortal
Seth = Appointed
Adam = Man

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Very, very very neat. Reminded me of the following link, right away (seen this one, yet?):

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