Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book Review: Max on Life

Book Review: Max on Life
Max Lucado

Max on Life continues his long line of well-written, Christ-centered books.  The difference here is that Lucado answers the “tough” questions of his friends, readers, and parishioners.  There are 172 questions that he addresses throughout the pages of the book.  Lucado organizes his answers by theme, which can be read straight through, read daily like a daily devotional, or even used as a reference book with the topical index in the back. 

What I love about Lucado’s answers is that they are almost never expected, and they are scripture-based.  It sounds a lot like what I imagine Christ’s answers would be.  For example, when asked how one should treat rude wait staff at restaurants, Lucado doesn’t answer with the typical “love your neighbor” and the “love endures all things” answers.  Rather he talks about what Jesus did at supper for those who were serving Him; He washed their feet.  He basically says, if we want to be like Christ, we’d offer to help bus the dishes or at least give a compliment and leave a generous tip no matter what the service was like. 

Max on Life kept me reading and thinking about things I could do differently in my relations with others, and that’s the kind of reaction I look for when I recommend a book . . . which I do, if you didn’t catch my approval in the previous statement.  My wife and I are going back through Max on Life as a daily devotional, so she can hear some of the answers.

A review copy was received from the publishers.  All opinions are my own.  

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