Tuesday, June 14, 2011

God's Good Pleasure

There are so many things in this universe that human beings have never seen and maybe never will.  Who were those things made for?  There's this crazy idea out there that God made the universe so that we could see it and enjoy it, but if that's so, why is there so much of it that we have never seen?  Praise God that He creates things for His good pleasure and not ours.

I made the following video for our small group when we were discussing this issue at one point:

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Jessica M said...

That was an amazing video. I can't help but be at awe at the natural world that He created. It shows the magnitude of His glory and holiness. I'm going to share this post on fb. :)

MTJ said...

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for sharing this video which depicts the vast wonder of the universe created by God. It's true God's work in creation was (and is) for His good pleasure; yet we are beneficiaries.

This is my first visit to you blog which I found to be an inspiring experience.

Blessings and peace.



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