Saturday, October 8, 2011

102 Posts Giveaway

Congratulations Jason Hess!  You are the winner!

Entry Period Begins:  September 24, 2011
Entry Period Ends:    October 7, 2011

Since I’ve been writing this blog over the past four years, I have posted 102 times.  Maybe I should have put together this giveaway for post number 100, but the God’s Glory Alone post reflected why I’m writing this blog, not a promotional giveaway.

And because I’m writing this blog for God’s glory alone, I’m going to give away the three most life-changing, point-you-to-God books I’ve read recently: You Were Born For This, Not a Fan, and Erasing Hell. (I’m actually buying a copy of Not a Fan for the giveaway because my wife is reading ours right now, but I think it’s the best of the three, so I want to include it.)

To enter the giveaway, click the Giveaways tab in the menu, read the rules, and fill out the form. I’ve included snippets from my reviews of the three books below: if you want to read the whole reviews, just follow the links:

Does hell exist?  Are biblical references to it just metaphoric?  And if it does exist, what are the implications for our everyday life?

Francis Chan addresses these issues in his new book: Erasing Hell.  He co-wrote the book with Dr. Preston Sprinkle (best name ever!)  I love Francis Chan’s writing mostly because of the zeal that He has for God, not just in the things he says, but in the way that he lives his life.  He is not afraid to live out the things he teaches; in fact I dare say, he is afraid not to . . . Read More

Bruce Wilkinson, the author of the bestselling book The Prayer of Jabez, presents a follow up to that book all about miracles.

When the publisher sent me the book and I first read the description, I braced myself for a super-charismatic-fire-from-heaven how-to book all about how to make God do crazy miraculous things in your life just by knowing the right spiritual buttons to push.  But I was pleasantly surprised, and somewhat relieved, to find that this is not what Wilkinson is encouraging in You Were Born For This . . . Read More

Jesus isn’t interested in having fans and fan clubs; He wants truly committed followers who will give everything for His sake. That’s the message of Kyle Idleman’s new book: Not a Fan.

Idleman writes one of the most serious books about what it means to follow Christ I think I’ve ever read.  In fact, much like Jesus, the author doesn’t pull his punches and cuts to the heart of the matter.  In following Christ, there are no “halfways”, “most of the times”, or “excepts”.  It’s all or nothing . . . Read More


Anonymous said...

I just posted a book giveaway on my blog too.. Small world :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to participate in the giveaway! I'm looking forward to reading the books.


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