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The Genealogy of Christ (Luke)

So, I took over the college class at our church this week on a permanent basis, and we’re going through the book of Matthew, starting with chapter one, which includes the genealogy of Christ and the record of the virgin birth.  I’ve covered both these topics in these pages in the past: Why a Virgin Birth? And  The Genealogy of Christ (Matthew).  

You’ll recall that in the genealogy post, I showed that if you look at the meanings of the names in the genealogy, they spell out an amazing message about Jesus.  For example, Adam’s name means “man”; his son’s name means “appointed”, and his son’s name means “mortal”, and his son’s name means “sorrow”.  So you have the message: “man appointed mortal sorrow” in the first four names of the genealogy.

Well, for class this week, I took the time to look up the names listed in Luke as well since Luke looks at Mary’s line back to David via his son Nathan rather than Solomon.  For today’s post, I present the meanings of the names in the genealogy from Luke and the message they share about Christ:

Man is appointed mortal sorrow, but the Blessed of God will come down teaching that his death shall bring the despairing rest and comfort.

He will be a renowned healer, possessing a mission that joins division. God’s shepherd will twine the branches, through the exhalation of His spirit. The father of a great multitude laughs; he prevails with God through the praise of the Lord breaching divisions.

Rise up; my people are liberated by a helper that rewards a servant with strength, a gift well beloved, a gift of God. His gift is a reward supplying the resurrection of God from a dove.  The increase of the praise of the Lord that is heard is associated with His gifts.  He that exalts the Lord in the court of my God has the salvation of God. 

The watchman’s garment adorns my king, my light lent of God dispersing confusion by His will.  By grace praises increase in hearing and obeying the gift of the Lord. One who fears light is separated from the comforter, the weighty gift of the Lord.  With the increase of affliction for the king, and those associated with him, the gift ascends increasing salvation.

God is pretty amazing I think!  Below I've included a list of the genealogy with the names and their meanings:

Genealogy from Adam to Jesus W/Meanings

Adam = Man

Seth = Appointed

Enos = Mortal

Cainan = Sorrow

Maleleel = The Blessed of God

Jared = To Come Down

Enoch = Teaching

Methuselah = His Death Shall Bring

Lamech = Despair

Noah = Rest and Comfort

Shem = Renown

Arphaxad = Healer

Cainan = To Possess

Sala = A mission

Heber = joins

Phalec = division

Reu = his shepherd

Serug = twining branch

Nahor = exhale

Terah = dove or spirit

Abram = (changed to Abraham) father of a great multitude

Isaac = Laughter

Jacob = (changed to Israel) one who prevails with God

Judah = the praise of the Lord

Phares = to breach

Esrom = divisions

Aram = Rise up

Aminadab = my people is liberated

Naasson = a helper

Salmon = he that rewards

Boaz = a servant

Obed = in strength

David = well-beloved

Nathan – Gift of God

Mattatha – his gift

Menna – rewarded

Melea – supplying

Eliakim – resurrection of God

Jonam – a dove

Joseph – increase

Judah – praise of the Lord

Simeon – hears and obeys

Levi – associated with him

Matthat – gifts

Jorim – he that exalts the Lord

Eliezer – court of my God

Joshua – salvation of God

Er – watchman

Elmadam – the God of measure or of the garment

Cosam – divining

Addi -  adorned

Melki – my king

Neri – my light

Shealtiel – asked/lent of God

Zerubbabel – dispersion confusion

Rhesa – will

Joanan – grace

Joda – praised

Josech – increase

Semein – hearing/obeying

Mattathias – the gift of the Lord

Maath – fearing

Naggai – light

Esli – he who separates

Nahum – comforter

Amos – weighty

Mattathias – the gift of the Lord

Joseph – increase

Jannai – afflicted

Melki – my king

Levi – associated with him

Matthat – gifts

Heli – ascending

Joseph – increasing

Jesus – Salvation

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Laurie Collett said...

Fascinating post! Nothing in His Word is random or without several levels of meaning. Thanks so much for following and commenting on Saved by Grace -- I'll be following "Manifest Blog" too!
May God bless you and your ministry,


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