Friday, December 9, 2011

8 Things We Ought Not Love

We know that we ought to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength (Deuteronomy 6:5), we know that we ought to love our neighbor as ourselves (Leviticus 19:18), and we know that whoever doesn’t love cannot know God because God is love (1 John 4:8).  Yet we continually fall short in terms of loving others.


Why can’t we love the way God wants us to?  First it’s because we need God to love through us.  Without Him, we’re incapable of genuine love.  And secondly we give our love away to things we shouldn’t instead of what God wants us to love.

So head over to Proverbs and Wisdom to read this week's article on 8 Things We Ought Not Love.

Featured Non-Profit

This December with every post till Christmas, I'm featuring a non-profit worthy of support.  You can see a complete list here.

Today's featured non-profit is Campus Crusade (CRU)

Campus Crusade for Christ was founded in 1951 by Bill and Vonette Bright on the campus of UCLA, and they now have a presence in 191 countries around the world.  The organization is quite well known for helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others; and helping the Body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship.  

Their main focus is college campuses, and much like many other Christian groups, they ask their workers to raise a team to support them in prayer and finances.  And while the organization is quite large, often times the workers struggle to maintain support, particularly in hard economic times.  

I propose two options for supporting this amazing ministry.  Find out who your local CRU workers are and support them both financially and with your prayers.  You can search for local workers via this link.  

Another option is to support some good friends of mine: Aaron and Jenn Halvorsen.  They work with CRU in Boston on the campuses of MIT and Emerson College: two of the nation's leading technical and liberal arts colleges.  They are quite literally reaching the future leaders of our nation and can use your support. You can visit their website for more information on the work they are doing in the name of Jesus Christ:

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