Wednesday, March 28, 2012

God Glasses

Some friends of mine and I did a video awhile back called God Glasses, which I believed I posted in these pages once upon a time.

It's about how God sees things differently then we do.  I play a business man dressed in a suit, but when the protagonist sees me through the God glasses, He sees a man dressed in rags.  And when he sees a rough looking character through the God glasses, he sees someone dressed to the nines.

The video features Ben Cabe ( and Clyde Annandale (  Ben did all the editing and a lot of the camera work, and Clyde was gracious enough to appear in the film as Jesus.

Here's some rough sketches I did that we used for storyboards (though we mostly just made it up as we went along when it came time to shoot) followed by the short film itself.

Visit for more information on Design work.


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stephen porter said...

Ha Ha thanks Glasses Direct. So are you selling some God glasses then? I wonder what spammers would look like if we could see them the way God does. Everyone needs Jesus I suppose.

Lisa said...

Very cool post! I think that's the funniest spam comment I've ever seen!


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