Monday, October 1, 2012

Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace

When I worked for Pulse ministries, we put together a lot of evangelism training events for young people, so I definitely believe that there is a place for training in evangelism.  On the other hand, I also think that it’s the Spirit that leads in any evangelistic opportunity, not training per se: kind of like when the Spirit brings back to remembrance what we’ve read in the Bible when we need it.  We still should read it, but it’s the Spirit that makes it ready for us.

So, I was a little trepid about what Larry Moyer would have to say about how to share Christ in the workplace in his new book.  Would he go the “here’s some step-by-steps route?”  Or would he go the “stand back and let God work route?”

I was relieved to see that the first chapter of the book was all about prayer, continual prayer.  He says, “prayer ought to come from our lips like a dripping faucet” when it comes to the topic of evangelism.  Praying for boldness, opportunity, a strong witness, and even the words to say.”

Later he confronts a lot of the crazy evangelism techniques that are out there like “just letting my life be the witness, so I don’t have to say anything” and “a prayer is all it takes to be saved,” which are big plusses.

He also makes sure to emphasize that it’s Christ alone that saves, not works, not baptism, not anything else, while still maintaining that when we come to Christ the evidence is that we are saved from sin, and our lives change.

There wasn’t a whole lot to critique negatively in the book.  And I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some solid evangelism training material for the work place.  And since according to recent pew studies, only 1% of so-called evangelical Christians actually evangelize, I think a lot of us need something like this to wake us up.

I received this book from the publisher for review.  All opinions are my own.

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