Saturday, May 4, 2013

Darkness Before Dawn

Book Review

Darkness Before Dawn by Ace Collins presents the horrifying dilemma of unforgiveness and the burning desire for retribution. I have always known that carrying a grudge and refusing to forgive had consequences. And, I have known that because God has forgiven me I should be willing to forgive others. I have never seen or even thought of the true consequences for refusing to forgive and wanting retribution.

Collins tells the story, step by step, showing the plunge into Hell itself for Meg, a lovely young nurse whose husband was killed by a drunk driver. Meg experienced a tragedy that it would be difficult to recover from; and it was certainly understandable that she would be angry. But Collins shows the steps going down, describing the metamorphosis of a woman who was known for her caring, sunny personality to an evil, dark person who did not care about anyone.

This is not a book that should be read for relaxing and for pleasure. It is a book that really causes the reader to think, “Could I ever do that?” I like to believe that I would not sink to the depths that Meg did. Yet, Collins has authored a book that shows how insidious anger and refusing to forgive can snake its way into a life until nothing matters but revenge. Revenge becomes an obsession. It is thought provoking with a definitive reminder of how a small seed of anger can grow until it explodes.

This was a difficult book to read; but I believe a necessary book to read and ponder. I will not easily forget this story and I think that it is an important warning. I received this book from the publisher in return for a review. All opinions are my own.

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About the Book

On the same night she discovers she is pregnant, twenty-eight-year-old nurse Meg Richards's husband is killed in an auto accident caused by a drunken teen. James Thomas comes from one of the most influential families in the community. He's a star athlete and glamour boy at the local high school. But the accident he caused will change his life---and Meg's future---forever.

Angered by her senseless loss and facing life as a single mother, Meg blames God for what has happened and considers a decision that could change her life even further. Enraged by the brutal trial and the court's decision, Meg starts down a frightening path of retribution. When the opportunity for revenge comes unexpectedly, will Meg follow through? Or will the remnants of her faith lead her in a different direction?

About the Author

Bestselling author Ace Collins has written more than 60 books including novels "Swope's Ridge" and "Words of the Father," as well as the nonfiction "Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas"; and "Lassie: A Dog's Life". His books have become movies and network television specials. Ace Collins has sold more than 1.5 million books during his career and makes his home in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

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